Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Happy feet

Sunglasses on, people

This morning I went for more reflexology.  It was lovely.  This time Reflexology Lady rubbed my feet with oils designed to combat nausea (I’m slightly queasy after yesterday’s chemo).  I only get four sessions of this (it’s free) so if anyone would like to volunteer to come round my place and rub my sweaty feet for an hour a week (or more if you’d like) please let me know.  I expect to be inundated with offers.

I came back home to check that the workers (the other-half and his brother) weren’t shirking on the job – painting the outside of the house.  They were wilting in the heat, it’s boiling here!  I left them to it (well I didn’t want to interfere) and went for a walk in the sunshine.  It was so warm I nearly took my cardigan off, but I didn’t, you can take these things too far you know.  I walked further than I expected (sounds feeble but my energy wasn’t great after the last lot of chemo) and went to the local park which was in its full spring time technicolour glory (see pictures above and below).  I always think it looks like one of  those 1950s overly colourful postcards, but I love it.

I’m hoping that all this reflexology relaxation combined with exercise will mean a decent night’s sleep, although the steroids I have to take for a few days after each chemo session tend to play havoc with that.  I have to start the stomach injections again today too (for a week) to keep my blood count up.  They seemed to work last time so I’ll just have to be a brave little soldier, but sticking a needle into yourself goes against the grain somehow.  You should see how I carry on when I get a splinter.


  1. I'm glad you like the reflexology, it sounds nice and relaxing. Doesn't the dingle look wonderful in all its vernal glory, - I think remember going there with you, Ron and Maisey

    1. I had to look up 'vernal', I thought he was the bloke who flew Thunderbird 2. Anyway vernal is now my third favourite word after discombobulated and espalier.

  2. when you ask if anyone

    "would like to volunteer to come round my place and rub my sweaty feet for an hour a week (or more if you’d like)"

    are you meaning that they can rub more of you or do you mean they can rub your feet for more than an hour?

    Confused of Bridgnorth

    1. Dear Mr Sophisticated

      You have got a smutty mind, although come to think of it ...