Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Escape plans and sophistication

OK, can I leap out of the garden from here?
Well how about getting under here then?
Hmm, tricky, maybe I'll just try giving her The Look
Cyril the Devious is at it again.  I let him out in the garden for half an hour (under strict supervision) and he seemed to be investigating escape routes.  I suspect he may try digging a tunnel or building a glider in the loft when we're not around.  I wish I'd never let him watch The Colditz Story with me the other afternoon.

Meanwhile I continue to leave a trail of hair behind me, so tomorrow two of my sisters-in-law are coming over to give me an extreme short back and sides.  It's very good of them, but I will be double-checking that they don't shave swear words into the back of my head.

Tonight was another meals on wheels night.  Shepherds pie - hurrah.  This time we let the cook eat with us (I know, my standards are slipping) along with out mate T.  T had brought a bottle of advocaat with him so we had pre-dinner snowballs (and it wasn't even Christmas).  Truly my middle name is sophistication. Afterwards I caught the other-half in the kitchen supposedly washing up but with this head in the dish eating the last scrappings of shepherds pie.  As others can testify, this isn't the first time this has happened.  The things I put up with.

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