Friday, 30 March 2012

Renovations all round


The painting and re-guttering has been finished – big thanks to N.  Here’s a picture of the newly painted front of house (note contrasting lintels please) for all to admire.  Now, while I’m sure N always does a tip-top job, he did have extra supervision this time to make sure the work was beyond compare.  One of the local cats, who we call Shouty Cat, (because he miaows VERY LOUDLY) spent a good time making sure that the work was up to scratch (see below).
Are you sure you're doing that right mate?
Not only has the house been transformed but I now have a wealth of scarves to cover my rapidly balding head.  My pal C came round with a vast and lovely selection (see below).  Not only that, but she’d washed all of them in woolite so they are lovely and soft!  While she was here (she is a fashion guru) I made her give her opinion on the scarves/hats I already have.  Poor woman!  Her opinion much tallied with big sis’s yesterday but C also discovered that I suit a side knot affair much better than a back of the head one.  Don’t mock this is important stuff.  I will be practicing knots and twiddly bits and probably have a new look every day
C, I promise I folded these all up nicely following the photo shoot!
After that I went out for another walk this time to stick a ‘congratulations on your engagement’ card through K and P’s letter box.  Congratulations you two lovey dovey love birds!

Amongst all this excitement I managed to squeeze in a hospital appt to the breast specialist who thinks all OK for time being but having CT scan next week anyway to find out more.


  1. Simply a question of getting knotted! I had a lovely time with you .If I shaved my head I think I would look like a Klingon, unlike you Della who has a very noble profile.
    Lots of love and see you soon

  2. Thank you! And thank you for the card, it brightened my return from work. Thanks also to C for her message on fbook.