Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hair today ...

Out of focus, but scrummy

Today we finally got to grips with the juicer.  When I say ‘we’ I mean, of course, the other-half.  I was still lazing around in bed while he girded his loins with cheap girders (copyright Spike Milligan) and read the juicer instruction book.  No mean feat.  The result, apple/celery/carrot juice was yummy even though it looked fairly disgusting.  So from now on we will be juice crazy and will be going on a veg buying spree tomorrow.  There are however two downsides to this juicing lark:  1)  When the juicer is running it sounds like a jumbo jet is taking off in the kitchen  2) Dismantling it to clean it (see below).

OK, the toaster isn't part of the juicer but daren't move it due to risk of crumb avalanche
It was a lovely warm, sunny day here in Shropshire.  We went to see our pals J, M and little N and had a good catch up.  Amazingly N (age 2 and a half) recognized me in my shorn state and what’s more didn’t run and hide behind the sofa in shock (neither did J and M).  Result!

Mind you I think even such hair as I have is well on its way out now.  This morning my pillow was covered in hair and I can see bald patches developing on one side.  Thanks again to C & C Hairdressing for Tuesday’s short back and sides, as my reaction to finding a lot of half inch hairs on my pillow was merely ‘oh look’, had they been six inches or so long I think it might have been more a case of ‘oh woe is me’.  The other-half has just informed me that my eyebrows are on the way out too.  Time to get practicing with the eyebrow pencil.  I think I might go for a Bert from Sesame Street look.  What do you think?