Wednesday, 7 March 2012


See, even the cat has been boring today.

This is going to be an exceptionally dull post even by my standards.  As today fatigue has hit home.  My sum achievement was getting up, washed and dressed, sorting some paperwork and then sitting about.  I can imagine the people I work with saying “well that’s more than she ever did at work, apart from the sitting about bit” but I shall rise above it or maybe just lie on the settee under it.  Anyway, all this is par for the course according to the list of possible chemo side effects, so no huge surprise.

Sorry this is so very dull.  But both the other-half and the cat have been boring today too – so it’s not all my fault.  

Thanks to C and T for their welcome visits - sorry I wasn't my usual dazzling and scintillating self.

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