Sunday, 25 August 2013


I've been sunning myself in Normandy.  I'll bore you with details shortly but for now I'm drying out and recovering from burning the candle at both ends and indeed the middle and sides.  I had a fantastic time which included:

We got home last night.  Cyril (the three-legged monster cat) had been in Cat Camp, Cat Prison the cattery.  Did he miss me?  Here's a picture from this morning taken while I was still dozing in bed.  What do you think?

Somebody loves me
Stayed tuned for more - included photographic evidence of me swimming in my delightful swimsuit (make sure you take anti-nausea medication before reading the next post).

Friday, 9 August 2013

Del's diary

Darlings, my life has become a giddy social whirl.  Lunch here, dinner there and a trip to Monaco since I last posted.  Call me Jackie O.  Oh alright, if you're going to be picky I suppose I could point out that the meals have been in pubs and I might have accidentally typed Monaco instead of the more honest Anglesey, but you catch my drift.

Anglesey.  Better than Monaco any day of the week.
And what's more this leisurely life is set to continue, how on earth I'm going to squeeze in chemo next week I just can't imagine.

To add to the excitement, my new false breast for swimming (mentioned in my previous post) has arrived.  It cost ten pounds and, truly, I got what I paid for.  It appears to be a piece of sponge, super absorbent rather than water-proof.  So I will have to wring it out as I emerge from the water, very elegant.  Also the helpful washing instructions say 'do not iron'.  That's a bit of a shock as obviously my major requirement of all prosthetic breasts is that they be flat as a pancake.

Anyway I'd better dash, got to polish my diamond tiara for my next social engagement.  Toodle-pip.