Friday, 9 March 2012

The sweet smell of freedom

The defences have been put up and the barricades manned.  Or to put it another way the other-half has finished fitting the trellis to the garden fence which will hopefully stop Cyril, the three-legged monster cat, from further escape attempts. However, we do have doubts that he may use the trellis as a sort of cat-ladder, so the trauma may be far from over.  Anyway Cyril got his first spell in the garden today for a good few days and I think his expression in the photo sums up his pleasure at being outside.

He did spot a possible escape route straight away – see photo below.  But rest assured this gap will soon be filled.

 Earlier on he was a very snooty cat indeed.  My cat-loving friend K visited (with lovely malteasers) and Cyril ignored her completely.  Sorry K, what can I say I’ve obviously brought him up all wrong.  I am responsible for a delinquent cat.

Still feeling pretty tired so didn’t get up to much today.  I’m now reaching the phase (about a week after receiving chemo) when you apparently become much more at risk of contracting infections.  I’ve been told to keep an eye on my temperature and if it goes over 37.5 degrees for longer than half an hour I have to phone the hospital.  So I’m wandering around with a thermometer being moderately neurotic.  Not a hobby I’d recommend.  On the whole I reckon escaping over fences would be more exciting.


  1. Well I hope ts an oral thermometer! Cyril looks very pleased with himself in the garden..just inspecting Nev's handy work

    1. Might have guessed you'd ask THAT about the thermometer. Yes, it's oral you horrible herbert.