Saturday, 17 March 2012

Viva la revolution

This does NOT belong to me.  Honest.

The other-half and I strolled into town again today and met up with big sis, nephew and wife to mooch around shops and have lunch.  All of which was very jolly even if now, a few hours later, my lunch is repeating on me (hmmm salami sandwich, the gift that keeps on giving).

All this recent activity has been great but a bit knackering.  So I have returned home to spend the afternoon (and probably evening) stretched out on the sofa with the cat.  The other-half has gone to visit friends in Bridgnorth.  (Sorry I couldn’t make it for further trumping conversations, but I’m truly shattered). 

Anyway, I flopped onto the sofa turned on the TV and found that the film ‘Cromwell’ was on.  I know it’s historically inaccurate.  I know it’s a bit iffy (to say the very least) to show it on St Patrick’s Day (given Cromwell’s behaviour in Ireland).  But I do love this film.  It’s a good thing the other-half is out as I can relish the film (and defeat of the monarchy) in peace without him (being a complete royalist) ruining it for me.

As you can probably imagine the solar-powered waving plastic queen (yes, really), pictured above, belongs to the other-half not me.  He is threatening to display it in our front window during the Diamond Jubilee, whereas I will, of course, be constructing a guillotine in the back garden.


  1. from a distance it looks like queenie is giving 'the finger'. Are you sure she's waving?

    1. Hadn't noticed but you're absolutely right! I'd like to say I planned it and took the picture that way on purpose but it's a happy accident. I bet she doesn't do that for real on jubilee day.

    2. Yes she is definitely giving the finger to all her loyal subjects!....yes I watched Cromwell as well great film, Alec Guiness was brilliant as an aloof scheming King

    3. Well that's royalty for you isn't it!

    4. The other-half has just seen this post and says I'm guilty of treason.