Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The cat's whiskers

Looky look what I was given today.  An original Louis Wain sketch.  Many, many thanks to R, M, A, A and, of course, Molly the Cat.  I absolutely love it.  The photo doesn’t really do it justice due to the reflecting light problem (oh how we photographers struggle).  It probably would have been better to wait and take the photo in daylight but pah to that, I wanted to show it off NOW.

On to more mundane subjects.  This morning I had a visit from the Macmillan nurse.  She told me that there is somewhere a bit more local where I can access the same sort of services (ie complimentary therapies) that are available at the Haven, so I might give that a go.  Last night I took two sleeping tablets but still woke up at 3am.  I did manage to get a couple more hours later on, but I think it’s fair to say I could do with some help relaxing and/or controlling this crappy anxiety (medical term).  Any chloroform dealers out there?  On a more positive note the nurse said that the anti-anxiety medication I’m taking probably hasn’t started working to full effect yet (she reckons it can take a couple more weeks) so maybe the drugs will do the trick yet. 

And that’s about it for today (if you can say that about a day when I got a Louis Wain picture).   

I could tell you about my trip to Telford with the other-half to collect the car from its MOT and service but I really don’t think you could handle the excitement. 

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