Thursday, 22 March 2012

Falling in with the wrong crowd

Non-escaping cats
Well it didn’t take long did it?  Cyril, the three-legged monster cat, escaped from Fort Discombobulated today.  After all the fence extending and close monitoring, the little so and so must have sneaked out without us realising while the other-half was hanging out washing.  It wasn’t until about an hour later that we noticed that Cyril was nowhere to be found in the house.  So the usual search started.  This time I found him after only about ten minutes of looking.  He was in the gardens of the houses near the Very Busy Road.  This time I managed to grab him and march him back home (unlike last time when he gave us the round around for five hours).  He was most unimpressed because, yet again, he was hanging around with Fluffy Brown Cat.  In other words I showed him up in front of his mate.  The thing is that I don’t think Fluffy Brown Cat is the right sort of friend for Cyril at all.  He's a rough sort and Cyril is a nicely brought up boy.  I’m sure Fluffy lures Cyril away from the garden to get up to all sorts of cat delinquency.  How long before they start playing knock-the-door-and-run-away, mugging dogs and going joy-riding? 

I’m not sure I can cope with all this parental anguish!  I took the above picture at a garden centre this afternoon – would it be so terrible to replace Cyril with a cat terracotta army?


  1. get shot of cyril think of nice plants you can put in terracotta cat army and no food or litter tray to empty bonus x x

    1. I told Cyril about your comment and he'd already worked out where the cat harness came from, so he's sharpening his claws ready for your next visit to Shrewsbury! Sorry, but I've no control over him. X