Thursday, 15 March 2012

A bit mixed

View from Applecross, Wester Ross

Today’s photo is one we took in Scotland last year (be warned there are millions of others) and it’s supposed to represent the worry/relief combo which was the result of today’s visit to the oncologist (otherwise known as the Anti-Doogie).

Firstly, not to miss the chance to blow my own trumpet, the Anti-Doogie congratulated me on having fought and succeeded in getting my chemo date changed (he had tried and failed).  I felt very full of myself and am considering renaming myself and only answering to ‘Champ’. 

Less positively the Anti-Doogie noticed some new symptoms that I hadn’t.  These may just be a reaction to the chemo but need to be watched.  This means that he is moving the next CT scan forward by about a month and that my chemo (after the next one) may need to be changed.  At least, as my mate F pointed out, he’s on the ball.  Trust me not to notice new symptoms that need noticing.  Yet I did notice that the Anti-Doogie was wearing a really horrible pair of pointy shoes.  Nothing like getting your priorities straight is there?

More happily the Anti-D assured me that some of the other symptoms I’d been experiencing must be anxiety related rather than lung related (as I feared).  As a result this afternoon I walked into, around and home from town for the first time since having chemo.

So there you have it, a bit of a mixed day – the photo says it all. 

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