Friday, 16 March 2012

City slickers and a foul mouth

The Royal Oak, Cardington
Today we’ve been showing off the delights of Shropshire to my nephew and his wife.  They both work in London (crazy young people!) and are used to fancy-pancy delights like double-decker buses, i-phones and electricity.  So we gave them the rural Shropshire experience, but softy style (you know how easy it is to scare these city types).  We had lunch at the Royal Oak in Cardington and it was delicious (again) then went off on a drive around the countryside with a couple of stops – Langley Chapel and Acton Burnell Castle – for full isolated, squawking-crow atmosphere .  We have now released the poor couple and I think they plan to make up for today with some serious shopping in Shrewsbury tomorrow.  Stand by shop keepers!
Acton Burnell Castle
And now for something completely different.  Yesterday I came across a couple of kids dismantling a fence next to an industrial unit.  The other-half was remonstrating reasonably with them when all of a sudden, much to my own surprise, I waded in, calling them ‘a pair of little shits’.  I’ve decided sudden, uncontrollable and aggressive swearing is an (unlisted) side effect of chemo and that I’m not responsible for my own actions.  Anyone want to ****ing well argue with me about it?

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  1. That's made me laugh so much I'm crying! I can't wait to tell N at work, I'm sure she'll feel your year at R7 will have contributed to your new found short fuse too. I'll await your self referral!