Thursday, 8 March 2012

The big wide world

Lovely, lovely Shrewsbury 

Well what do you know, I’ve been outside – and the world is still there.  This morning I went for a 5 minute walk round the block. And I have to say it made a change to be touring the neighbourhood without panic in my heart looking for an errant cat (he was safely at home). 

This afternoon we drove into town and had a mooch about buying birthday cards and the like.  It was a little bit tiring and I knew I wasn’t quite myself as I had no desire to nip into any of the trillions of pubs in Shrewsbury (I must be poorly) but it was nice to actually get outside.

Then it was on to the doctors to collect the note that signs me off work for the next 18 weeks.  When the oncologist heard where I’m employed he said that I shouldn’t work at all during chemo because the place is full of stinky-germ-bags.  Oh OK OK, he didn’t say that.  What he said was that the size of the place I work at is a problem given the number of employees and therefore the risk of exposure to infection (chemo plays havoc with the immune system).  He meant stinky-germs-bags though I reckon – and you know who you are! 

Oh for goodness sake!  The other-half has just read this and says it's rude to my workmates.  I say they wouldn't expect any different from me but just in case my work chums take it the wrong way and storm round to my place mob handed (possibly demanding the kindle back, it's too late for the Easter egg though) - I don't mean it.  You're all lovely and not remotely germy (no matter what the oncologist thinks).  

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