Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Espalier – there I knew I’d get it in somehow

In my very first post I mentioned that my favourite word is ‘discombobulated’ with ‘espalier’ coming in a close second place.  I also said that I doubted I’d ever be able to use ‘espalier’ again in this blog – well I obviously underestimated my resourcefulness for I have risen to the challenge!  Today I went for a walk around Attingham Park and took the above picture to show how spring-like it was, and correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that tree espaliered?  Give the girl a coconut.

We strolled around Attingham and got some veg planting ideas from the walled garden (see below) which is about a gazillion times bigger than our allotment, but we can dream.
The other-half also bought a second-hand hoe (that’s a gardening implement, you mucky-minded lot) so it’s all systems go on the grow-your-own front (that is if you don't include getting the seeds and planting and all that palaver).

As if he hasn't got enough to do what with gardening, building cat defences and catering to my every whim, next week the other-half goes back to work.  He has had some time off to run me back and forwards for assorted medical appointments and also just be generally marvelous (don’t tell him I said that).  Anyway once he’s back at work my big sis has very kindly volunteered to cook some dinners for us as my appetite is a bit rubbish at the moment and if I start preparing food I find I really don’t want to eat it (well that’s my excuse for the other-half doing all the cooking at the moment and I’m sticking to it).  Big sis has asked what sort of meals we’d like, so if anyone has any ideas for something really complicated do let me know, I’d like to see the look on her face when I ask for something like lobster thermidor (whatever that is).     

Talking of kindly sisters, one of my sister-in-laws has said she she'll help me with head shaving when the time comes.  It's really appreciated as goodness only knows what sort of a mess I'd make of it.  As I type my scalp is feeling distinctly prickly I wonder if that's a sign of the start of the hair loss.  That, or maybe it's just nits.


  1. Hello Della, I am a friend of Gill's and she alerted me to your blog. You are maintaining a wonderful sense of humour during this ordeal. And I just looked up espalier - you are broadening my vocabulary! As far as eats go - maybe quiche would be tasty? And with the hair - maybe this is the time to be a wild spiky redhead or blonde?

    1. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for your comments. You'll be pleased to know I've used up all my long words now. As Gill will testify most of the words I use only have four letters.
      D x