Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Step forward

This is what you'll be dealing with

I had my last reflexology session this afternoon.  Strangely there have been no takers to my previous requests for volunteers to rub my sweaty feet for an hour a week.  I can only think you are all shy.  So I’ll just draw up a rota and let you know (and don’t think living outside of the UK will excuse you).

I’ve finally worked out (with thanks to Sis No 3) how to download apps on my swanky new ipad.  I am now losing two games of online scrabble simultaneously.  I’m blaming chemo-brain.

So far, a day after my third chemo, the side effects are pretty much the same as the last two sessions, mild queasiness, tiredness, metallic mouth and foggy brain.  Not entirely unlike a hangover, or so I’m told.

Right, I’m off to draw up that foot rubbing rota, stand by your beds.


  1. Have pity Della, I have a foot phobia. Yours, weak and feeble C

    1. Hmmm, foot phobia and shoe addiction - there must be a link!