Tuesday, 24 April 2012

On safari

I went out for a pub lunch today with the other-half and my sisters.  Afterwards we drove around the countryside for a bit and saw animals galore – ducks, chickens, bouncy lambs (shame on the sister who ate lamb shank in the pub), owls, pigs (real and otherwise, see below)

 And an elderly but gorgeous pub cat called Dram.

Earlier on in the morning we experienced high noon at Discoumbobulated Towers when Cyril came face to face (albeit through the dining room window) with Shouty Cat (the neighbourhood cat with a Very Loud Miaow).  Cyril did some serious yowling but, against type, Shouty Cat rose above such provocation and just sat snootilty on the garden wall.  Ah well, at someone behaved with some diginity.

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