Saturday, 14 April 2012

The demon cat

Adorable pussy cat or evil ratbag sent to torment me?

So last night I stayed at my sister’s house.  For just one night.  I could’ve left the cat at home.  He would have been fine, maybe a bit lonely but fine.  However, my sisters and I are soft,so Cyril accompanied me on my night away.  And as a result of our kindness we are all completely shattered.

Things went well until we went to bed.  Sis no 1 went up first and Cyril followed to sleep peacefully, or so we thought, at the bottom of her bed (as he’s done previously when she has cat-sat).  About half an hour later, when Sis no 1 was lulled into a dozy sense of false security, the demon cat attacked.  Sis no 3 and I were still watching TV when we heard her shout of shock and terror as Cyril savaged her feet.  After that crisis was dealt with (sis's toes stitched back on) we all went to bed.  Everyone was just about dropping off to sleep when Cyril decided to start running up and down the stairs (repeatedly) with all the daintiness of a herd of elephants carrying several sacks of spuds.  Then he took to miaowing loudly and scratching at any door in the house which was shut (including wardrobe doors).  When he got bored of that he jumped on to my bed and beat me up (this involves tapping me on the face with claws out).  After a bit of that he relented and went to sleep.  By now it was about 1am.  Four hour later he decided it was breakfast time and the beating recommenced.  I caved in at 5.15am (not wanting to be clawed to pieces), staggered downstairs and fed him (then went back to bed).  Where have I gone wrong?  Are there such things as cat borstals?  Where can I get cat valium?

The other-half returned from his family shindig bringing much needed cake – thanks C!  We all (minus demon cat) headed out to Sugnall Hall Kitchen Garden and Jackson’s Coppice and Marsh  (see below).  Chilly but pretty and, best of all,cat free.

Sugnall Hall Kitchen Garden
Jacksons Marsh

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  1. I don't believe it!...looks such a sweet innocent fellow