Saturday, 28 April 2012


The other-half's refurbishments to the garden shed (paint and a flag)

Shrewsbury Town (the local football team, for non-local readers) beat some other team today to go up from Division Something-or-other to Division better-than-that-one.  (And yes, obviously, I am a football expert.)  Anyway the other-half was quite excited about this win so I’m hoping he will switch his allegiance from Wolverhampton Wanderers (who are beyond useless and have a truly vile black and orange kit) to Shrewsbury.  It might save us both from future fraught winter Saturdays.  This winter he got depressed virtually every Saturday when Wolves lost and I had to pretend to care.

Today I walked into town and back and made dinner.  Medal please.  I’m flopped out on the settee now but do feel like my energy levels are heading in the right direction at last (11 days after having the last lot of chemo). Maybe tomorrow I'll be rushing around like a whirling dervish (or maybe not).

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