Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I'm going to have to make sure I wash behind my ears from now on

So far I’ve been a bit cagey on this blog, not mentioning names or showing pictures of people.  But today I’ve decided to stop being such a wuss, bite the bullet and reveal myself in all my glory (if this doesn’t cause the number of visits to this blog to plummet nothing will).

Today two of my sisters-in-law came over and gave me a very, very short back and sides (see above).  I can heartily recommend C & C Hairdressing Services, they made what could have been a fairly traumatic experience into a good laugh.  Not only that, they brought home made choc chip muffins with them.  Sadly my hair won’t stay like this very long as it will all fall out but at least it’ll be half inch lengths falling out now rather than great long revolting stringy bits.  Thanks C and C!

This afternoon I went out in my wig for the first time (see below).  Very odd feeling and I kept worrying that it might slip but it seemed to work out OK.  It didn’t make any children cry, horses bolt or dogs whine.  

Look, no split ends
 The reason for going out this afternoon was for my first ever reflexology session (in a bid to relax a bit).  Now I’m a bit of a weirdo and actually like having my feet touched so it was absolute bliss.  I’ll be going back for more of that.  I was thinking of finishing this post with a picture of my (very relaxed) feet but you’ll be relieved to hear that I’ve thought better of it and will spare you (for now).


  1. You look great, you can call on C&C Hairdressing Services anytime, added bonus Cyril or the other half did not go screaming out of the house. Glad you enjoyed the Reflexology session, get all the pampering you can. Love Cyndy (half of C&C Hairdressing Services) xxx

  2. Wow your wig looks really good Aunty D!! I hope you enjoyed the reflexology treatment? xx

  3. Thanks both. Went out today (Thursday) wigless bit chilly round the old lug 'oles!