Monday 19 March 2012

Meals on wheels

Big Sis Catering presents ...

Today was the other-half’s first day back at work.  So, given my iffyness about food at the moment, Big Sis Catering came into force.  She very kindly cooked us chicken and leek pie for dinner.  It was fantastic.  We both had two helpings.  She now has a job for life.  The cat wanted some too but he didn’t get a look in.

Less happily I found out today that my cancer is HER2+ which isn’t great news (although not a huge surprise) but this does means that herceptin might be effective.  Hey ho.  I’ll find out more at my next appointment with the oncologist.

Also on the grim side, my hair has really started coming out now (and my scalp is incredibly tingly).  I’ve been frantically ordering scarves today.  I think I’ll be calling on the services of the sis-in-law who said she’d help with the head shaving pretty soon.  I hope the offer is still on!

On a more positive note I have undertaken a scientific experiment and my findings are that the stress caused by finding out I’m HER2+ and that I’m going to be bald soon was combated quite well by diazepam, a dark rum and ginger beer and two helpings of chicken pie.  Also if the scarves don’t arrive in time I always have a beautiful hat (see below) which my nephew gave me last Christmas.  See every cloud has a drug-fuelled, rum-soaked, green monster-hatted lining.

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  1. Dear Della
    I am the Joseph of scarves, what co
    Ours and textures/ patterns would you like? I have had a bad cough so need it to clear before I see you. Morning or afternoon of 30th ok but let me know what suits you.
    Lol c