Monday, 5 March 2012

The postman always rings twice

A lovely shot of me modelling my presents.

What an exciting day on the delivery of surprise presents front!  Two presents.  Yes two.  I am a lucky bunny (OK maybe not lucky in all departments but in the unexpected gift arena I reign supreme).

Just as I was about to leave for my first dose of chemo (more on that later, there is no escape) a lovely dressing gown arrived from the Gang of Four (A, H, J, and J).  I think they were so appalled by my description of my frankly revolting dressing gown that decided I needed a replacement.  They were right.  I love it!  Thanks.

Then much later in the day, as I was lying on the sofa feeling slightly queasy, the other-half answered the door and guess what arrived.  A jigsaw.  Now a jigsaw is jolly exciting in its own right (obviously) but this one’s special because it’s a picture of the other-half and I on our wedding day last July.  This time (unlike the cat harness incident) I’m confident in saying that this is from MM.  Thanks MM, I never knew that you could get personalized jigsaws (I’ve lived a sheltered life) and am terribly impressed.

So the chemo.  Well, the actual process was OK.  I wouldn’t recommend it as a day out but it was OK.  I’ve been sent home with an absolute truck load of medication – some to deal with possible side effects and some to deal with the side effects of the medication given for the side effects (if you get what I mean).  So far I’ve been feeling slightly queasy but I’m aware it’s very early on for the development of side effects – we’ll see what happens over the next few days. Many thanks to all for the emails, phone calls and text messages.

However, I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that the other-half managed to steal the show during chemo.  He sat with me while the chemo was administered and the nurse, at one point, was talking about veins.  She then turned to the other-half and waxed lyrical about how good his veins looked.  He loved it.  Typical!


  1. Hi Della

    Trust him, always liked being centre of attention - no not really. Spoke to Nev earlier, I have been informed that if we pick you up and shake you we will hear you rattle!! That could be a good party trick. Anyway have a good rest, speak soon. Love Cyndy xxx

  2. I didn't get to see the old dressing gown but the picture of the new one is definitely better than the picture you painted, or rather described, of your old one!

  3. Love the foxy dressing gown Della, and, yes really, impressed by the jigsaw.