Monday, 26 March 2012


Look what arrived today!  As you might have read in previous posts (and if not you should be ashamed of yourselves), I refer to my very young oncologist as the Anti-Doogie.  My nephew designed the above and had it printed.  I’m speechless (with joy of course).  The cat thought it was hysterical (see below).  

My nephew is daring me to wear it to my next oncology appointment.  Hmmm, we’ll see about that, maybe if I have a few sherries first.  Anyway, many thanks to nephew and his wife.  You shouldn’t have!  

I was up with the lark this morning, well for me anyway, and off to the GP for blood tests.  If all is well (fingers crossed) I’ll get my second lot of chemo tomorrow afternoon.  I also managed to get the date of my CT scan changed.  Par for the course the date given was about three weeks later than the oncologist advised.  I rang the hospital ready for another battle only to have it changed really easily.  I cannot help but suspect I’ll turn up on the new date and they’ll deny all knowledge of having booked me in … colour me cynical. 

After the early GP appointment I went to big sis’s house.  So not only is she providing meals on wheels this evening but she also provided breakfast.  I have to say she let the side down a little by not giving me a packed lunch to go home with, but I’ll forgive her.  I’m good like that.

So as it’s another warm day here I’m off to model my Doogie T shirt in the evening sunshine.  You wait, in six month’s time everyone will be wearing one.


  1. I didn't think there was anything more disturbing that Cyril's evil Hitler stare. Unitl I saw this photo.

  2. p.s. Look at me, I remember how I'd worked out how to use the comments!