Saturday, 25 February 2012

The world turned upside down

I received this in the post today – a mystery gift, no name attached.  Although I have my suspicions – MM was it you?  Whoever sent it, it was inspired.  Scary but inspired.

Now, people probably hadn’t realized (because if you read back over this blog I hardly ever mention it) but I am a poorly bunny.  And you, mystery gift-giver, expect me to get a harness on a cat.  I repeat - A harness on a cat.  Can you imagine the blood loss that would be involved in such a thing?  That’s my blood loss not the cat’s.  At Christmas my sisters bought Cyril a festive collar (luckily for him the santa hats for cats were sold out – and that’s not a joke).  I had to wait for him to fall asleep before I could get it over his head – and I think his expression (see below) says exactly what he thought of that particular indignity.

Having said that, I may don gloves, thick coat and chain mail and try to put the harness on.  I think I’d look quite the thing walking a three-legged cat around the neighbourhood.

Last night the other-half escaped to a family shindig – many thanks for all the good wishes he brought back from the W family masses.  While the other-half was strutting his funky stuff, an old mucker came over to my place to baby sit me.  Thank you old mucker, although I think it must’ve been a pretty dull evening for you seeing as I fell asleep on the sofa at 9pm – Cor I know how to party.  And now I’ve just used ‘party’ as a verb – something I swore would never happen.  Truly my world has been turned upside down.

Speaking of which, Cyril, Walkies!


  1. Well, would love to have claimed that the brilliant idea of a harness for the cat was an inspired thought by me but alas it is not I. Someone else can claim the credit for that. But - I do have something winging its way to you and judging by one of your recent posts it's going to arrive just in time - something to ponder on ......