Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The telephone call of tranquility

If you read yesterday’s account of my trip to the GP (and if not, why not? Don’t you realise that the world revolves around ME?) you’ll know that the consultation didn’t leave me entirely happy. Yes, yes, I got the drugs, but the GP’s demeanour added to my already sky-high anxiety levels, leaving me chewing the carpet, bouncing off the walls and leading the other-half to consider ordering a straight-jacket.

So it was an absolute godsend, later on last night, to speak by ‘phone to someone I’ve ‘met’ on an on-line forum for people with breast cancer. Now I know that ‘meeting’ people on-line has a very bad press. I can’t think why. I’m sure the Nigerian prince I sent a small fortune to a couple of years ago will come good in the end with the promised $1,000,000. But cynicism aside (and yes it is me saying that) last night’s conversation was a lifeline. The woman I spoke to also has secondary breast cancer, has had chemo and is coping extremely well with her very busy life (full-time demanding job, husband, kids, dogs – you know - life). I can’t think of a smart-arse way to finish this paragraph – so I’ll leave it with my sincere thanks to the woman I spoke to who was, quite simply, fantastic in my hour of need.

Today was simply a giddy social whirl, my darlings! I am now a lady who lunches. Firstly we met up with tip-top chums (who patiently listened to me whinge although I'm sure they wanted to set about me with a rancid halibut) and went out for lunch to The Royal Oak, Cardington. God, the portions were huge - and delicious. I'd like to type something snarky (that being my way) but it was lovely.

In the evening we met up with Sister No 1 (back from her extensive hols). It was good to see her but even more so when I realised she was clutching a bottle of duty-free sherry. Then we all trecked off to Sister No 2 for another yummy dinner. The other half and I may now never need to eat again. Wafer thin mint anyone?

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