Saturday, 2 June 2012

Dimbo Del

I’m on the naughty step.  In my last post I said I had to take steroids for three days prior to my latest chemo treatment on Friday.  I took them and whizzed around like a over-wound clockwork toy.  I should’ve realised something was wrong when I started ironing sheets (this is most unlike me).  It turned out I’d misread the instructions on the steroids packet and should have taken them for only one day before chemo, then on the day of chemo itself and also the day after.  I confessed all to the chemo nurse who was mightily relaxed about it I’m glad to say.  I still have to continue taking the tablets (in fact just had the last load) so I’m still a bit of a whizzy head as well as a scatty head.  I cannot even be trusted to follow simple written instructions any more.  If any work pals are reading this you should thank your lucky stars I’ve been signed off, I’d be even more of a hindrance than usual at the office.

Chemo went OK yesterday, no allergic reaction to the new treatment thankfully.  The side-effects (flu-like symptoms apparently) usually start around 3 – 4 days after treatment so if I go all quiet you’ll know why, that and going cold turkey from the steroids.  I’ve also been given a week’s worth of antibiotics as I’m even more susceptible to infections.  I’m getting to be a bit of a quick draw McGraw with my thermometers now so I’ll be keeping an eye on things.  Next week I have a heart test and if I pass that I will also start on herceptin.  Here endeth the medical report.

The other-half is off today for a huge family wedding which I'm mightily miffed to miss but it really wouldn’t be a good idea at the moment (I’d either be manic or asleep).  Many, many congratulations to the canoodling love birds T and J.  I’m sure everyone will have a fantastic time and I’m looking forward to the stories and photos the other-half brings home with him.

My chum T is coming over to baby-sit me for the day.  He’s the one who disapproved of me going to watch the Olympic torch.  Goodness knows what he’s going to make of the plastic solar-powered waving queen now stationed in the front window of the house in honour of the Jubilee.   

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  1. hahahahahahahahaha, to the last comment della, not the rest of it!