Wednesday, 30 May 2012


The usurper

To start, and to completely not set the tone, a picture of Cyril taking it easy and commandeering my seat in the garden.

I’m having a new sort of chemo on Friday.  For this particular flavour of swamp juice I have to take steroids for three days before the treatment.  Suffice it to say I’m buzzing around like a mad thing.  This makes sleeping a tad difficult but on the other hand it’s nice to have some energy.  I’ve been making the most of it and getting out and about.

On Tuesday evening we went back to Mitchell’s Fold, one of my favourite places in Shropshire.  It’s an old stone circle with fantastic views.  We went there as the sun was going down.  Look how beautiful it is:

No words needed.  Oops.

On Wednesday morning the other-half continued work on transforming the front yard to a garden.  The house was built, we think, in the 1860s.  So he decided to go all Time Team and dig a test pit to look for archeological treasures.  He found bits of pottery, several bits of broken clay pipe and what is either a rusted hinge, or as we choose to believe, an Anglo-Saxon cloak clasp.  We even had a ‘finds tray’ just like the archeologists on telly.    

Yes it's a hole in the ground.  Life isn't all golden sunsets you know.

Then we walked the 200 yards or so to the end of our road to see the Olympic torch go by.  Old Cynical Della would’ve have sneered at this but New Improved Della (yes OK that’s up for debate) enjoyed it.  The atmosphere was great.  My old chum T was horrified at how I’d gone all establishment.  Rest assured T I scowled at the Coca-Cola float as it went by, I still know how to stick it to The Man.

If you look closely you can just see the flame
Then after that (are you keeping up?) the other-half, Sis No 3 and I went to Morville Hall Dower House near Bridgnorth.  The garden of the house has been transformed over the last 20 or so years by the tenant Katherine Swift.  She’s written a beautiful book about it ‘The Morville Hours’, which includes gardening, history, life, the universe and everything.  The garden was absolutely stunning.  It’ll be even more fantastic in a few weeks time when all the roses are in bloom.  I intend to go back then.  We took a gazillion photographs, here are just a few.

The Dower House

Then finally we went into Much Wenlock the real home of the modern Olympic Games (scroll down on the link to find info about history of the games) and had tea and cake.  A very eventful and really enjoyable day.  I’m a happy bunny. But just to end on a grumpy note (I wouldn't want to be too out of character) if you do click on the link to Much Wenlock I can only apologise for the truly dreadful olympic mascots.  What were they thinking?

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  1. If I visit you do I get the tour of Shropshire too? I do hope so, let me know when you are in between treatments and are on the steroids(sounds like fun)!