Sunday, 24 June 2012

Domestic woes

Trapped in a tower of woe

Discombobulated Towers is a place of woe – and, as a baldy, I can’t even do a Rapunzel and  let my hair down out of the window so that a passing prince can rescue me.

Firstly we are enduring an Invasion of the Ants.  The creepy little gits are emerging from the skirting board and scurrying all over the place.  Bait stations (poison that the cat can’t get to) have been placed in strategic places but we seem to have super ants that are, so far, resistant to our attempts at extermination.  

The other-half and I have had words.  Or rather he has.  He’s used his skill at creating swear words (usually restricted to football players) on me.  Yesterday he made lunch.  Big brownie points for him you might think.  But he asked a million irritating questions about it while I was trying to watch telly.  The questions were along the lines of ‘shall I cut the sandwiches into triangles or squares?’, ‘should I spread the butter from left to right or right to left?’, ‘do you want your tea stirred clockwise or counter-clockwise?’.  Now, you may find this hard to imagine, but I might have been just a tad terse and maybe just slightly shouty when I said ‘will stop asking so many bloody stupid questions’.  The other-half’s first response was to stop speaking to me.  Strangely he seemed to think that I would find this a terrible punishment.  Once he realised I was relishing the silence he changed tactics started speaking to me and called me a ‘bog pond’.  Charming.

Other that being infested by creepy-crawlies and having a verbally abusive other-half things here have been fine.  I had a lovely lunch out with my pal C, popped into my old work place for a good chin wag, had a yummy dinner at sis-in-law no. 5, had a visit from sis-in-law nos 4 and 6 and went out for a meal with J and M.  So I’ve been making the most of feeling full of beans. 

Its chemo day tomorrow with added herceptin (heart scan permitting) so in a couple of days I’ll probably be back to moaning about being tired but in the meantime it’s steroids time – which means double energy.  Yippee!

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