Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Plodding on

I started a new (to me) treatment last month (after the cancer in my lungs had started growing again and also spread into my liver).  As with any medicine this chemo, capecitabine, and biological therapy, lapatinib, come with a huge list of possible side-effects.  And it seems that I am working my sorry way through the whole sodding list.  So far some of the highlights have been itchiness, acne, heartburn, queasiness, diarrhoea and fatigue.  

Thankfully, for the most part, the side-effects have cropped up one or two at a time rather than all at once.  For the past couple of weeks it's been the fatigue that's been the real downer.  I've spent a lot of time lossicking about in bed or on the sofa and have missed out on some planned outings or had to come home early.  So I'm feeling a bit hard done by and sulky.  Fortunately I have a book backlog to get through so being (sort of) housebound has had some compensations.  I have a scan next month so then I'll find out if the treatment is working or not.  If it isn't working and I've been feeling grotty for nothing I will be unbearable, be warned!

Anyway all this sitting about at home being grumpy isn't interesting for anyone. Fortunately Cyril, the three-legged monster cat, is keeping me entertained.  His recent exploits include spending hours who-knows-where and coming home covered in mud,

and when the weather prevents even this intrepid explorer from going outside finding puddles, he polishes his hunting skills.  Here is he chasing elk.

He also fell asleep on a hapless and rather large spider.  When he woke up he was walking around with the horrible (and very dead) eight-legged monstrosity squished on his face.  Fatigue or no I found I was able to run away from him in quite a sprightly fashion.  No pictures, I was too busy standing on a chair screaming, the most exercise I'd had in ages.


  1. Gah! Yes I remember the fatigue...if your scan results are okay, you can ask to have the capecitabine dose reduced xxx

  2. that is one way to kill spiders I suppose! silly cat!

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  4. Hello. I would like to ask your permission please for me to use a link to your (this one) blog on a forthcoming I wish to set up. I can only say so much in the dialogue box on the website and you have captured everything I wish people to know about secondary cancers. My wife has secondary breast cancer. Now in her liver and slowly spreading through her bones.
    I will be asking friends to donate all or at least half of their annual anniversary budget to one of the secondary breast cancer charities. I need to research a little more as I have not worked out who is best to donate to, yet. Thank you for your time. Angus McCulloch

    1. Hi Angus, sorry to hear about your wife. Am more than happy to help in anyay I can with your fund raising so if you think a link to this blog will help then link away! Of the top of my head Breakthrough Breast Cancer seem a really good charity but obviously you'll want to check things out yourself. If I can be of any help do feel free to leave another comment. Good luck!