Thursday, 6 June 2013

Arse biscuits!

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Today’s news can best be summed up by the immortal Father Jack.  Arse Biscuits!  If you’d like further details read on. 

All my test results have come through. 

Unfortunately it looks extremely likely that the cancer is in my bones (as well as, as I already knew, in my lungs).  The bone scan revealed two suspicious areas on my ribs (on both sides of my ribcage).  I've been getting pain in those particular areas, but was hoping it was due to excessive* hoovering.  There is a very small area of doubt about this (the cancer, not the hoovering) as the CT scan doesn't show anything on the ribs.  However CTs are better at showing stuff in soft tissue rather than bones, so it'd be daft to pin any hopes on that.  The results only came through today.  The research nurse (my new best friend) rang and told me (as requested by me).  Mr Oily (the boss oncologist) is off today but she will show him the scans tomorrow.
On the plus side my heart is OK and my brain is clear. Also on the plus side, the spread to my bones does not stop me going ahead with the trial drug.  In fact I start on Tuesday.  Here's hoping it packs a punch and bops the buggers on the bum.

In the meantime I am drowning my sorrows in Chablis, and I have to say it’s working a treat.  However, I may not be a delight to be around tomorrow morning.

There is no escape from the kitchen refurb report, but I’ll spare you until next time.

*when I say ‘excessive’ hoovering, I mean, of course, any hoovering.


  1. D I'm so so sorry to hear about your latest strife hun, thank god for the trial and modern medicine. Sending you a massive amount of healing tonight hun and thinking of you xxxxxx love love xxxxx

    1. Thanks Sarah! Fingers crossed for the trial. I'm looking forward to getting started (apart from the hunt the vein element) xx

  2. Jeez, that's bloody awful - arse biscuits indeed. Hope the trial punches hard and the Chablis flows freely always. But no more excessive hoovering of anything that isn't crawling towards you on 8 icky legs. Tonia

    1. Thanks Tonia for sharing in my arse biscuitry and for the excellent hoovering advice (which I wholeheartedly agree with).

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