Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dark days of winter and a chink of light

My central heating boiler, which had been temporarily fixed, spluttered to final leaky stop on Saturday and left us without heat or hot water.  I have been welded to the log burner ever since in an effort to keep warm.  Meanwhile outside the weather is like this:

The figure in black is me, practising for my artic expedition

These pictures were taken during a bracing walk at Attingham Park, but mostly I’ve been in front of the fire keeping warm.  It's jigsaw weather so, just like last year, Cyril (three-legged monster cat) has been lending a helping paw:

Thanks for nothing matey
 A new boiler is being fitted tomorrow, a day of national celebration is planned.

I went to the lovely warm hospital today for my three-weekly dose of herceptin.  The nurse gave me a sneak preview of my CT results from the scan last week.  No change.  While I'd love to see some shrinkage, no change is the next best thing, especially given that there had a been a question mark over the previous scan as regards possible increase in the growths in my lungs (or, to give it its medical term 'lung crap').  So, although I won't get an official update and future treatment plan until I see the oncologist next month, I am feeling pretty relieved.  I marked the occassion with spaghetti hoops on toast.  Jigsaws and spaghetti hoops, I'm living on the edge.

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