Thursday, 10 January 2013


This picture doesn't do the true murky-green-brown colour justice
As I said in my previous post I have taken up clean living for the New Year.  I've starting juicing again (including sensible vegetables like broccoli and spinach as well as the yummy stuff like apples and pears), making (most) meals from scratch, abstaining from the demon drink and generally being as dull as dish water.   I did warn you.

Clean living does not, however, seem to have improved my capacity for rational thought.  I ask you, what sort of dimwit orders two new sofas, signs on the dotted line, pays a deposit and then goes home to measure up only to discover, predictably enough, that the sofas would be way too big?  I'll tell you what sort of a dimwit does that, me.  It's all sorted out now (different sofas ordered) but it was embarrassing going back to the shop to explain myself.  I thought they might make me stand outside the manager's office to think about the error of my ways and how I'd let myself down.

On the health front it's a CT scan next week.  Then I have to wait the best part of a month for results.  Although I have been promised that should anything needing urgent attention turn up the hospital will call me in earlier.  I'm a bit worried about this as the last scan, in November, revealed a possible increase in the size of the little buggers in my lungs.  I shall wait a week after the scan then start making a nuisance of myself by phone.  Well, being a nuisance is as good a hobby as anything , and one at which I feel I can excel (unlike knitting).

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