Sunday, 4 November 2012


I have been to the best place in the universe.  Here it is:

Oooh  heaven is a place on earth

Sis No 1 volunteers at Shropshire Cat Rescue and, on Friday, I went along to help out.  OK so some areas can, at times be a little bit, em, aromatic, but basically it’s bliss.  There are cats of every age and variety.  There are cats waiting for new homes and semi-resident mogs who mooch about the place in a free-range sort of a way (but with shelter, warmth and food):

Soaking up the sunshine
Being snooty
Helping me out in the feeding station

and then there’s the swanky retirement village for the older cats.  And of course there are kittens.  One of which was adopted by my sister-in-law and her family on Friday.  So all in all it was a very exciting day.  

The kitten has been named Sheldon (in honour of the Big Bang Theory) and is beyond cute.  Here’s a picture of him before adoption in a pen with one of his sisters

And here he is happily ensconced in his new home and ruling the roost within a matter of hours:

As well as cats the Rescue Centre also seems to have a mobile powder-puff:

(I managed to resist coming home without my pockets full of cats, but only just).  

  Apologies for the gooey post.  Normal grouchy service will be resumed next time.  Apologies also for random changes in text size.  I do not understand why it's happened.  It passeth all understanding.


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  1. Hi ya oh discombobulated one,
    Loving the blog and your recent posts, as you know I love the puddy tats lol. As for the cancer stuff it would appear we are both in the scanxiety waiting room at the same time, wishing you best of luck with the scans and appt. Good on you for doing the mediation course I'm sure it will help you out I know meditation helps me . Thinking of you love & light to you SSweetxxx