Monday, 21 May 2012

Hello sailor!

A nifty new tifter

Have you seen the weather forecast?  Summer’s arriving on Tuesday.  Apologies to sis no 1 who has just gone on holiday to Bermuda only to find that rain is forecast there for several days.  Anyway I’m all set for summer.  I have a new hat (which really is called ‘hello sailor’).  I shall either look like the cat’s pyjamas or, more probably, like Hyacinth Bucket on a boating holiday.

The other-half is, and has been, suffering.  Loudly.  Firstly, the GP reckons he’s got a trapped nerve in his back.  Secondly, he went to a stag party on Saturday and claimed not to have a hangover on Sunday (didn’t look that way to me, not that I’m complaining he was very subdued all day).  And now he’s coming down with the lurgy (the common cold).  He and his germs have been banished to the spare room.

I’ve got an appointment with the oncologist on Wednesday where, amongst other things, I’ll get the result of my latest CT scan.  Cue much chewing of finger nails.  I can’t even resort to alcohol.  I tried a glass of wine the other day (purely medicinal you understand) but my taste buds have gone all peculiar and it tasted vile.  No alcohol?  Oh the horror!


  1. Loving the Hat Del ! Will be crossing my fingers for Weds. Angelherts xx

  2. Love you new hat Aunty D x

  3. Thanks Angie and Erica. I haven't had the guts to wear the hat yet even though we've had blazing sunshine. I'm a bit scared of looking like a total twonk but shall buck up and give it a go.