Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I love steroids

Since I last posted my health is pretty much the same.  The only exception being the wonder that is a reasonable dose of steroids.  My oncologist warned me that they could give me a false feeling of wellness.  But false is good enough for me.  It's better than lying poleaxed in my bed with zero energy.  I've yet to develop the puffy steroid face but my muscles have definitely been wasting (as warned) and all the skin on my arms and legs has turned wrinkly.  You win some you lose some.  You also buy expensive body lotion online and live in hope.

Although the steroids have helped massively with energy, my breathing problems remain the same.  So although I'm keen to do things, physically it's difficult.  The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (and did I mention saggy).

Also, possibly steroid related, are my patience levels.  I have no time for what I consider to arsery of any sort.  So if you come round here be warned!   I make no apology for it, it's positively liberating. Light the fuse and stand back.

Meanwhile, of course, people have been lovely.  The mass ranks of the other-half's family did a 15 mile, very muddy, very hard sponsored walk to raise money for my local hospice.  What a bunch of good 'uns.  

The end of the walk and still standing (just)
My sisters have, as always, been troopers.  Baby sitting me, cooking, commode emptying and generally giving poor old Nev a break from me.

And as for the outpouring of messages, gifts and visits after my last blog post, well I was touched.  I'm afraid I didn't get around to taking photos of everything but thanks to everyone.  I luffs you all.  Here's a couple of pictures we received

Beautiful hand drawn artwork
Beautiful and very, very glittery artwork
And lest you worry that the three-legged monster cat got left out. Fear not.  Here is his  latest gift, a Bet Lynch style cat tunnel.


Despite the breathing problems I have been able to get out and about some days thanks to Nev, the wheelchair and portable oxygen. It can be a bit of a palaver but it's lovely to be outside, wheeling round the park in the sunshine.

 And even better is going down the pub in my posh new coat. 



  1. The park looks lovely. Yet again, wish i was closer, never been shouted at by you, wouldn't mind a go of that.