Monday, 27 January 2014

I am revolting

The National Health Action Party.  Picture from here

Recently, and very belatedly, I’ve been reading about the way the current Government is sneakily and disgracefully dismantling the National Health Service (NHS).  Chances are you’re better informed than me and know the sorry story already but just in case you want to know more try this, this and for a very enjoyable sweary version, this.  

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time not only do you deserve a medal but you'll also be aware that I have had my share of problems with my NHS treatment.  However, those problems have been due to individuals within the NHS rather than the NHS as a whole.  No-one would be daft enough to claim the NHS is perfect but that's no reason to be selling the profitable bits of it off to private health care companies.  I am hopping bloody mad.  I'm having chemo tomorrow and so will be getting my blood pressure checked.  If it's sky high it'll be David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt to blame.  Bastards.

On to other things.  I've been feeling pretty well lately so have been whizzing about doing stuff.  Including:

  • Getting all cultured at Birmingham's Art Gallery and Museum, 

Police struggle to hold back the crowds enjoying the museum
  • Going all the way to Lancaster to buy a lovely picture from Sue Barker, look at her fantastic work here
  • Going to the panto (featuring the other-half's nephew) at the quaint Theatre on the Steps in Bridgnorth.  I went with the massed ranks of the Wiggins Clan (the other-half's family) and had a great time (Oh yes I did)
  • Seeing '12 Years a Slave'(moving),
  • Seeing, but not being able to follow, the lastest 'Hobbit' film (still it was visually spectacular, apart from the very long section featuring huge spiders during which I concentrated hard on the floor)
  • Seeing 'The Butler'.  It was a good film but I was a bit disappointed by how very, very loosely it was based on a true story (I did some googling when I got home).  I'm not sure if this disappointment is justified or if I'm just being a bit of a twonk (it has been known).
So, of late, I've been rushing about enjoying myself and also getting angry.  Next month sees another CT scan so I'll be able to add some anxiety to the mix.  If you like a bit of whinging and ranting do stay tuned.


  1. More people need to be angry about this - its the sneakiest, most malicious thing this government is currently engaged in. And that's no mean feat given it includes Boris (whoops where's me trousers) Johnson and Iain (look how much I get in subsidies!) Duncan Smith.
    Calm, calm. Breathe slow and reduce blood pressure.
    Hope chemo session goes well. Tonia

    1. Thanks Tonia, it's good to know I'm not the only one who has steam coming from every orifice over this. In the spirit of solidarity I won't even take you to task for presenting me with the image of a trouser-less Boris.

      Chemo went well apart from the unit's radio playing Radio Shropshire (ugh) at a million decibels.

  2. What did you buy from sue barker?

    1. The picture I bought isn't on the website (I'm so special). It's called 'Klimt through the eye of a needle' and is a really dense piece of embroidery. I'll try to get a photo to send you.

    2. Also, Sue very kindly invited me to spend a day with her doing pottery, do you think I should warn her of my artistic abilities? :0)