Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hairy Maclary

I’m on day four of being stuck in bed and I’m not impressed.  As well as the usual post-chemo yuckiness, I seem to have caught a cold.  At the moment my world consists of grot and snot.  Just thought I’d share.

Although I’ve been totally inactive my hair has continued growing (as the particular type of swamp juice I’m on now doesn’t always cause baldness).  It’s definitely coming back curly (I always had straight hair before).  The colour is indeterminate as yet but there are some definite grey bits including a fairly large patch at the front.  I think I’m going to be the proud owner of a Mallen streak:

Picture from here
In which case I must redouble my efforts at feeling better.  I can’t lie around in bed all day if I’m going to be a Mallen.  I need to be out and about molesting peasants and being horrible to widows and orphans.  I take my responsibilities seriously.


  1. be out, be proud. Wear that streak with pride!

  2. Welcome to my world curly bonce. Shirley temples of the world unite. Pink ribbons in the post . X