Thursday, 14 June 2012

Flopsy bunny

That's me, in the middle

A couple of Easters ago we had a family get-together in Wales and, unbelievably, had unseasonably warm weather.  Sis no 2 had bought us all chocolate bunnies.  Sadly we went out for the day leaving two of them near a window.  The picture above shows what we found on our return.  It also demonstrates how I’ve been feeling recently – a very flopsy bunny. 

The last lot of chemo has banished my bounce and made my ears droop.  It’s only a week and a half until I have another load of swamp juice and although I’m not looking forward to it, it isn’t all bad news as at least I’ll get another three days worth of steroids and so, hopefully, will be rushing around like a maniac for a few days.  This will be a welcome change.

Acutally, I have been feeling a bit more lively over the past couple of days and got out and about yesterday with Sis No 3 and Nephew No 2.  Neph No 2 caused some distress to his father while watching Euro 2012 by referring to goals as ‘points’ and then some distress to me by referring to football as ‘soccer’.  This is what comes from being born and bought up in Australia.  However, I have graciously forgiven him as he presented me with some very fancy tea from Fortnum and Mason, the sort of tea that requires respect in its serving.  I will be trying it in the next few days using a teacup and saucer, wearing a floral dress and possibly employing the services of a butler.  A tea-tasting report will be posted here.  Stay tuned for more excitement.

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  1. First of all, I don't believe this story because there is no sun in the UK, therefore chocolate couldn't possibly melt.
    Secondly, we here in convict land are very aware that you call it football. It is mentioned here in every sports report about the game. Every. Sports. Report. We call it soccer because we know it gives you the shits. (There you go, I included your favourite Australianism as well, just to make you feel a bit better)
    Hope you're feeling more like hard chocolate soon. xx