Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Chemo blues

Stuck in the chemo dungeon
Oh for the happy days of last week when I was off my trolley on steroids, rattling around the countryside and talking the hind leg off a donkey.  Now I'm on day two of lying in bed feeling like I've been trampled by said donkey wearing hobnailed boots. 

Flu-like symptoms are par for the course with the chemo I had on Friday so this isn't a massive surprise, but it's still not much fun.  I'm limited to the type of pain-killers I can take as I musn't take anything which can mask a temperature rise - so nothing containing paracetamol.  I am keeping sales of ibuprofen bouyant so there's an investment tip for you.  My temperature has been troublesome over the past few days, spending a fair amount of time just below the point where the instructions are to ring the hospital.  Not good for a natural born panicker like me.  So far today my temperature has been a bit lower, also I've started a ten day course of antibiotics - so fingers crossed this will keep the gremlins away.

So there you have it a bit of a whinge-fest of a blog post.  But I don't like to suffer alone, so thought I'd share, I'm good like that.


  1. All of that and you're still maintaining a sense of humour! Hope the side effects start to ease soon. xF

  2. Hi hun,
    Awww so sorry that your suffering on the dam chemo but like Scribblers Attic has said keep up with the humour it will get you through, when I was going through chemo I would camp out on the sofa with some nice munchies and watch some comedy and just laugh your way through it, its the same as shoving two fingers up at it, keep on keeping on your doing a terrific job, I am living proof that chemo really does work and this will all be worth while, I promise x

    Loving all your photo's and your posts, blogging is a great way to vent.
    Wishing you all the best
    love and light to you
    sarah xxx

  3. Thanks both. Slowly feeling better - have migrated from bed to sofa so heading in right direction.