Friday, 11 May 2012

Soup stories

Look, no common old Heinz for me

Well my new role as a lady who lunches continued on Wednesday when I met up with work chums and caught up on all that’s going on.  It was great to see everyone.  One of the highlights was the waiter getting totally confused and thinking that two of our party wanted bread and butter only (without the soup).  The reasons for this mistake are too complicated to go into, but it amused us no end that the waiter thought they were such skinflints.  After more confusion the soup arrived, it was lukewarm.  Yum.

On Wednesday afternoon, our sophisticated chum M brought over some homemade soup so that dinner was sorted for the next day (chemo day).  It was such a nice thing to do.  It warmed my cockles in more ways than one and was delicious too.  Maybe next time I go out with my work pals we should place our lunch order with M.

I got my fourth lot of swamp juice (chemo) yesterday afternoon.  I half expected a long wait after the last appointment (when I was seen about fours late) but I was plugged in and ready to go within minutes, this time in the swishy new chemo suite too.  At last I am being treated with the respect I so richly deserve.

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