Thursday, 17 May 2012

A pair of crocks

Thanks A!
Since I last posted I’ve been going through the regular post-chemo slump, which I’ve whinged about on previous occasions, so I’ll spare you a repeat of that particular yawn-fest.  I think my energy levels are slowly on the up again, although I’m now in my prone-to-infection stage.  So a lot of daytime telly is still being viewed.  I’m not sure what is happening to me, but I used to be able to watch most TV programmes with a hard heart and flinty look in my eye (unless it was anything about kittens obviously).  Now all sorts of daytime mush makes me cry.  I’ve even started blubbing at 60 Minute Makeover (and not just in sympathy at the awful things the decorators do to people’s homes).  If I start getting weepy over Bargain Hunt I’ll get professional help.  A few other things have been going on here as well as me going squared-eyed in front of the idiot box:

I had a CT scan a couple of days ago and will see the oncologist next week for results.  While setting up for the scan the radiographer asked me if I’d returned to work.  I explained that I’d been signed off for the duration of chemo because I work in a big building and would come into contact with lots and lots of other people thus increasing my risk of contracting an infection.  I didn’t put it like that.  I just told him where I worked and said it was full of ‘germy people’.  He gave me a hard stare and asked me to repeat myself.  Turns out he’d misheard and thought I’d said my workplace was full of ‘German people’.  I’m hoping I clarified matters as I don’t fancy having ‘rabid racist’ written across the top of my medical notes.

Remember the sorry tale of the jigsaw, the cat and the vase of flowers?  If not, use your imagination or read about the whole puzzle palaver here.  Well, I don’t deserve it, but our sophisticated chum M sent a replacement jigsaw (it’s the personalized one, a photo from our wedding last year).  Thanks very, very much M!  Rest assured that no vases of flowers will be left in puzzle proximity this time.  I can’t promise that there won’t be feline involvement of some sort though. 

The other-half and I went out today for supplies.  What a pair of crocks we were.  The other-half has done something to his back yet again (and is at the doctors as I type) and I was feeling tired.  So the pair of us went food shopping in a sort of hobbly/wilty/generally pathetic way.  But on our return home I discovered a lovely surprise.  Flowers from A (see photo above).  Very unexpected, very welcome and very touching.  My cockles were warmed.

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  1. keep that pesky cat away from it, all three legs of him!! You'll notice it's a different piccie - I thought it might be more challenging having done half of the other one before Cyril destroyed it!! Enjoy
    ps hope you're keeping well