Friday, 4 May 2012

Nutty knitters

Bishop's Castle - where the residents are bonkers

I went to Bishop’s Castle today to buy The Mugs I Have Coveted For a Long Time.  That done we went to the coffee/second hand book shop for a cuppa sadly Amos, the resident ginger cat, was nowhere to be seen.  Then we mooched.  While mooching we discovered that a knitting frenzy had been going on in the town (Bishop’s Castle is that sort of place).  Bollards and railings all around the town were wearing what I can only describe as leg warmers.  There was also knitted bunting including outside the church.  Proof below.  Fantastic.
This is knitted bunting - honest.
Earlier in the morning I had a fairly upbeat (hurrah) appointment with the breast specialist.  She is happy with my response to chemo and so I will carry on and complete my course of chemo (another three lots of swamp juice) and then have a mastectomy followed by radiation therapy.  This was the original plan but had the specialist not been happy with my progress the chemo would have been interrupted for the operation. 

Yesterday my pal C came round and whisked me out for plant buying and lunch at Country Garden Roses in Hadnall.  Thanks C!  It was lovely and lunch was yummy.  Also, to top it all, a chunky black and white cat followed us around. 

On Wednesday my chum R visited.  R and I used to job-share and I shamelessly used to raid her tuck drawer – which was appalling seeing as she was pregnant at the time so I was stealing food from an expectant mother.  She must have forgiven me though (or realized that I am a complete glutton) because she had cooked some delicious food for me.  I am a lucky ducky.

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  1. Fantastic that the chemo is working and that the powers that be are happy with your progress, that's big news worth celebrating.

    If you want to see more knitted glory, try
    I wish more people around here would do that instead of putting their stupid tags on the environmentally friendly (dirty) roof of my car.