Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Gardeners' Question Time

A couple of posts ago I wrote about how the back garden has looked like this

ever since the builders left, after using it as a storage area, last June.  This despite the fact that the other-half used to garden for a living.  Well I'm pleased to say he finally ran out of excuses (one being 'I've got gardeners' block') and now it has been transformed.  

Behold the new garden:

Ha ha ha.  I am very funny.

Actually it looks like this:

It all looks a bit plinky plonky at the moment but once the plants start growing it'll be a thing of beauty.  We haven't replaced the grass opting instead for flowers in the hope of encouraging bees.  This may be a tad foolish as the other-half is wildly allergic to wasp stings.  He's never been stung by a bee so we've no idea how he'd react but maybe I'd better think about life insurance.  The eagle-eyed among you may be wondering why there is an unconnected shower head fixed to the shed (far left).  It's because, here at Discombobulated Towers, we are not afraid to embrace the twee.

Talking of twee I went shopping in lovely Ludlow the other day.  I meant to buy sensible things like toilet rolls and socks.  Instead I came home with a handbound notebook, a quince for the garden and an hourglass.  That's just the kind of town Ludlow is.  I've been sad enough to check and it actually takes 62 minutes for the sand to trickle from the top to the bottom of the hourglass.  Should I ask for a refund?

I had chemo yesterday and, after feeling like a dog's dinner last time, I am stuffed to the gills with anti-nausea medicine.  On the plus side I have spent the day lying on the sofa with the cat, a packet of ginger biscuits and a book about the nasty Normans duffing up the Ango-Saxons.  I've had worse Wednesdays.


  1. I think you should definitely think about a toilet in the garden...under the shower? Or even better one of those old overhead syterns and a chain connected could fill up with rain water from the shed roof and then when you pull the chain it waters the plants via the shower?
    Excellent blog post as usual xx

  2. Lovely idea. It'll be ready for your next visit when you'll be sleeping in the shed.

    1. oh, oops should prob have read this before commenting on timmy's idea.

  3. Ludlow had exactly the same effect on me when I went a couple of years ago. See also Ledbury, Broadway and Stratford. I've just discovered where I'd hidden all the lovely notebooks purchased at these places - they're getting moved with me. One day I shall write in them!
    Hope the anti-nausea meds are working. The ginger biscuits even more so. Tonia

    1. Ah yes, the notebook stash. I'm waiting for an Important Thought before writing in mine. I think I may be waiting some time x