Friday, 21 February 2014

Reasons to be cheerful

Picture from here

I saw the oncolcolgist on Wednesday and I'm a Stable Mabel.  There has been no marked change in my lymph nodes or lung lessions since my previous scan in November.  Also there are no new appearances of the little cancer bastards anywhere.  So while not as thrilling as last time (when the lung crap had shrunk) it's still very good news.  

Also good news is that the oncologist, Dr Oily, is retiring.  When he told me of his impending departure I think I was supposed to express regret.  Pah!  However, I was restrained enough not to leap around the consulting room punching the air shouting "see ya, wouldn't want to be ya".  I am the model of decorum.  Anyway, I'm hoping to see a less smug and self-satisfied doctor in future.

Other things that I've found cheery of late are:
  • An advert featuring a cat and budgie, click here
  • A biscuit advert with a huge aaah factor, click here
  • Channel 4's Sochi advert, good on 'em, click here  
And on that jolly note I'll say ta-ra for now.  Normal whinging to be resumed next time.


  1. Hi there, Katherine here you're fellow Vita blogger. I LOVE your blog! You really have a way with words and you're sense of humour really shines through. Really great news that the chemo is keeping those little cancer bastards at bay, long may it continue! Look forward to blogging with you X

  2. Thanks Katherine. Aw you've made me go all bashful! That'll last for about two minutes. You already know I think your blog is excellent so looking forward to reading more. Yay us!