Friday, 11 January 2013

It's been a funny old day

I went to The Haven in Hereford (a centre for people with breast cancer) to meet up with some fellow secondary breast cancer bods.  It was a mixture of interesting/reassuring/little bit scary, but I’m glad I went.  That wasn’t the funny bit though.

The train journey to Hereford was interesting.  Firstly the guard was unusually jolly when checking the tickets.  Then the cleaner came along and asked if we wanted our table cleaned.  When I said “yes please”, he handed me his spray can and cloth and said “I only asked if you wanted the table cleaned, I didn’t say I’d do it”.  Then the refreshment chap pushed his trolley through the carriage crying “snake venom, albatross, squirrel on a stick”.  Truly it was the comedy train.

Then to finish the day off on an even higher note I came to find a belated Christmas present had been delivered, and here it is …

Yes, really.

Watch out anyone with a birthday soon, you'll be getting your very own cat hair finger puppet.

And now I'm off for a lie down.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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