Friday, 18 January 2013

Apologies to all Australians but ...

Time for the thermal undies

I know, I know, you Aussies have got temperatures so high that I can’t even begin to imagine what it's like, but it’s bloomin’ freezing here. 

It wouldn’t be so bad but my heating broke down on Sunday and the heating engineers have been so run off their feet that they haven’t been able to get out to me until this morning.  They’ve fixed the problem temporarily and have placed an order for a new thingummy for the do-dah, which will solve all my problems.   Anyway I have central heating again at last.  This means I can stop wrestling with Cyril (three-legged monster cat) for the prime position in front of the log burner and use of the hot water bottle.

The local cancer centre (I’m sure there’s a nicer description than that but I’m too idle to think of it) is running a free meditation course.  I was due to go for my first session today but it’s still snowing, snowing, snowing out there so I’ve wussed out this week.

However, as part of my new attack-this-crappy-disease-on-all-fronts scheme, I did try Reiki this week.  It was a very strange and pleasant experience.  I will be going back for more.

On a more conventional note (and conventional medicine is always going to be my first port of call) I had a CT scan this week but have to wait a bit for the results.  Cue chewing of finger nails.  If only I could console myself with sherry.  However, I am staying strong (and boring) and am remaining a booze free zone.  Although I do feel deprived.

Last weekend I went to an antiques/junk fair and bought an old bottle.  

Looks prettier in real life, honest
The chap selling it told me it was an absinthe bottle from around 1910.  Yesterday I took the stopper out and had a good sniff to see if there were any traces of absinthe left.  Not that I'm desperate or anything you understand.  I couldn’t detect anything but if I suddenly go blind and/or mad you know what’s happened.

Anyway, Australian pals, I hope you get the forecasted dramatic drop in temperature and I leave you  with a picture of a three-legged, half-tailed cat being very unimpressed with the snow.

A nanosecond after this picture was taken Cyril was back indoors


  1. Why do people who come to your house always seem to need, but never have on hand, a new thingummy for the do-dah?
    Anyway, it's no longer 45.7C, so I can feel sorry for your freezingness. It does look a lot prettier than our sizzling end of times landscape though.

  2. Glad to hear things are cooling down there. The snow here has frozen now, so the pavements are like an ice rink. Planning on staying in, eating crumpets and looking at cats on the internet. Let the good times roll.