Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What I did on my holidays

So I spent a week in Devon in the sunshine, rain and wind.   

Good points of the holiday included:

Staying in an eighteenth century cottage in a secluded wooded valley

We just had the bit on the right (we're not made of money you know)
 A virtually deserted scenic (but very rocky) beach 10 minutes walk away

Pretty but a bugger to walk on

More cats than you could shake a scratching post at

And visitng Appledore, a picturesque and eccentric town

Bad points included:

Somehow managing to get a sunburned nose.

Very short hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes and a sunburned nose do not a good look make

And the repercussions of eating an iffy luke-warm pasty bought on a Monday morning which had probably sat around in the shop all weekend.  Luckily for you I have no photos of the intestinal turmoil caused by this culinary delight.

Back home

Cyril, the three-legged monster cat, stayed with sis no 1 during my absence.  He was very sulky about coming back home, obviously preferring my sister to me.  Once home he hid under the bed for eight hours.  Normal service now seems to be resumed.  He even returned to his plane yesterday which had been ignored for several weeks

In between unpacking, sticking loads in the washing machine and draping the radiators with wet clothes (it’s like a sauna at Discombobulated Towers) I’ve been knitting.  Big thanks to S who succeeded where the knitting teacher had failed and managed to show me how to cast on.  I had knitting school this morning and although I am still the class thickie I could at least do the basics and happily clicked away with my needles chatting to the lady next to me, now all I need is a guillotine.

Finally, on a medical note I had another dose of herceptin at the hospital today, start taking tamoxifen tablets tomorrow and will be seeing the surgeon on Friday.  It’s all go go go (which was pretty much the case after the dodgy pasty).


  1. I don't know about that not being a good look, you look bloody gorgeous to me. xxxx

  2. Just like to raise a couple of points...I hope you paid the correct amount of VAT on that pasty, exactly what temperature was it? You can go to jail for eating a hot pasty at cold pasty prices..don't you know?
    You need to weave a wicker basket to catch the heads in

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    3. Third time lucky...I am not a robot!
      They are lovely pictures...I reckon that grey tabby has been eating too much mackerel and started to look like one

    4. All the cat photos were taken in Clovelly - so I hope they're all OK after the flooding

  3. Quality scarf D that nicely off-sets the nose and a waterfall in the background (i do love a good waterfall). where did you get the cat airplane?

    1. Cat plane was a present from my nephew. Apparently you can also get a tank and a fire engine.