Saturday, 13 October 2012

Serious stuff with side helping of cuteness

Today is Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  For more info see

I've read elsewhere on the internet that around 30% of breast cancer patients go on to develop secondary breast cancer (which is incurable) but only 2% of funding is put in researching this area.  I think these figures are OK but I'm too idle to check so don't yell at me if I've got it a bit wrong.

To end on a flippant but cute note, if you'd like to see what happens when you combine a mummy cat, kittens and a kid's slide click on the below, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Are you sure that's not Sissypuss condemned by the Gods to constantly carry kittens up a hill as punishment?

    1. Someone's been on the Bob Martin's

  2. Quality video, your comment about Bob Martin's made me think of my nan who once took the dogs tablets to which i told her that at least she had a shiny nose. I'll get my coat .....