Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Second Hope

So here it is, the exciting news I've been hinting at (with all the delicacy of a drunken hippo) for the past few weeks.

Second Hope is a brand new charity that I'm absolutely chuffed about.  It's the only charity in the UK specifically for people with metastatic breast cancer (also known as advanced, secondary or Stage IV breast cancer).  It aims to raise awareness, provide support, campaign and also fund research.

Please have a look at the Second Hope website where there is loads of information including practical advice, more about the charity's aims, founder, trustees etc  (and even a little bit by me).  

I've mentioned time and again in this blog how isolated and hopeless a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer can make people feel.  This charity is a real light in the darkness.  

Sadly the founder of Second Hope, Julie Phillips, died on Saturday, missing the launch of her brainchild by just a few days.  This heart-breaking news has rocked the online metastatic breast cancer group of which I'm a member, but we are united in our determination that Second Hope will go from strength to strength and be a lasting and fitting legacy for a remarkable woman.  

I cannot overstate how much the launch of this charity means to me.  Please, please take a look at the website, like the Facebook page and maybe even consider making a donation.

Thank you.


  1. Hi, I have set up a central place for Breast Cancer Blogs and added a link for your blog. I have found it very hard to find any UK based blogs!! www.breastcancerblogsuk.org

    1. Hi, Many thanks for adding a link to my blog. Some other UK blogs, all written by people with metastatic or secondary breast cancer (like me) which you might find of interest are:
      Killer Kath, Fighting Genghis*, How to glitter a turd, Living with Secondary Breast Cancer, Malignant Ginger*
      You can find links to all of them under the MBC blogs tab on my blog (sorry tried to copy and paste links into this comment but technology was too much for me). The ones marked with an asterisk indicate that the authors have sadly died but their blogs remain online. Good luck with your treatment xx

    2. Thank you so much for that. I will get adding. Sending hugs xx