Sunday, 13 October 2013

My favourite things

WARNING:  In this blog post I indulge in two of my favourite things; getting on my high horse and mocking the other-half. Here goes, high horse territory first

This is the ribbon for Secondary Breast Cancer (no pink shit for us, we're hardcore)

So, it's 13th October.  Secondary Breast Cancer (SBC) Awareness Day.  Have you been bombarded with information on SBC in the press and on the tv and radio today?  Yeah, me neither.  Twelve thousand people dying of it every year in the UK alone and yet the coverage is hopeless.  It's not the sort of pink, happy, it's-all-going-to-be-ok message the media likes I suppose.  If you have two minutes to spare please have a look at a short film, available by clicking here.  It's not particularly comfortable viewing but it says a great deal in a short time. 

OK, now on to mockery.  The other-half, on waking a couple of mornings ago, turned to me and said "I dreamt I had to have a shower with Monty Don"I looked at him quizzically.  "I had to" he explained "otherwise I couldn't go into Monty's special garden".  Further questioning on my part revealed that he didn't mean "special garden" in the smutty way I was interpreting it, but he actually did mean a special garden where unique horticultural specimens were being raised so no trace of pollen or any other organic matter could be introduced.  Hmmm.  Why can't he just have sensible dreams like me?  The same night he was dreaming dreams of Monty I was being attacked by a flock of vicious kingfishers.  And yes I do take quite a lot of drugs.