Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Boggle blues

I have given up online Boggle for Lent.  This has made me grumpy (but not as grumpy as my inability to find a photograph to illustrate my fed-up-ness with the deprivation).  The other-half reckons I was addicted, just because I used to shout at him if he dared to speak to me, or indeed breathe, during my two hour long Boggle sessions. 

Fear not though, I’m still finding reasons to shout at him even without the irritating Boggle interruptions.  The other day I informed him he was ‘relentlessly annoying’ so he told me he was giving up being married for Lent.  I should, grudgingly, also point out that he cooked a surprise Valentines breakfast (scrambled egg, smoked salmon accompanied by red rose).  We don’t usually ‘do’ Valentines Day so this was a big deal.  Mind you since then he has blotted his copybook by repeatedly pointing out that I didn’t get him anything in return and how much he would love to receive a massive Easter egg.  Dream on matey.

Since I last posted I’ve had another Herceptin top-up, a pre-op assessment (surgery scheduled for 28th February) and an appointment with the oncologist.  Yet another new one, Smokey (he looks like Smokey Robinson).  Smokey was upbeat and even spoke about the monitoring procedure should the disease remain stable for a couple of years.  This is the first time any oncologist has mentioned the possibility of me being around in two years time so I’m a Smokey fan.  (For any long term readers Smokey also informed me that the Anti-Doogie has left the hospital and gone to Kuwait.  And he never even said goodbye).

Happily to fill the time previously taken up by Boogle I have found (via Useless Beauty) a brilliant blog called Streetmogs.  I suggest you rush there now for an immediate cat fix. 

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  1. Hi Del, thanks for your comment but I have left the chat group I have calmed down now but was seething earlier on and needed to let it all out. Mastectomy will be fine I promise you, if I can do it you will too, I didn't feel any physical pain at all, make sure your bloods are up so that they will let you home (mine were poor so had to stay 8 days which is not normal) all being well you will be out in 2-3 days, try to get up and walk around as soon as possible it really helps with recovery. Tamoxifen doesn't cause osteoporosis officially but I've met quite a few women who believe it did cause it thats not to say you or I will get osteoporosis hopefully we will be the lucky ones and be spared this added nightmare. Once your on Tamoxifen watch your weight (mine went from 8 and a half stone to nearly 11 stone in just over a year!!) bone scan is a good thing especially prior to surgery and taking new drugs. Keep juicing and taking the supplements, keep up the good work and remember I'm always here if you want to talk anytime, sending you lots of love and light sarah xx